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about us

We intent to… Establish as a software enterprise, create a markup in industry amongst the best in class software solution providers and sustain to be a socially responsible organization adapting to changes.

Our goals…

To provide the best solution to clients to precisely solve their business problems. Embrace technology to the best, adapt and engross transformation in tools and technologies and to blend it with evolving customer requirements. Establish, maintain and follow a value system to ensure sustainable growth.


Chizels invariably value customer relationship and always look for long lasting win-win relations. We remain in business only because our customers value our services. We value the professionalism and career growth of every employee of Chizels and always strive our best to provide them with exposure to every aspect of software development. Continuous learning is always the motto we promote within the company for 360 degree growth of its employees which in turn is our strength. Chizels exist as a socially responsible enterprise and continue to attribute to the society as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Why Chizels

Software, per se, decades back was something used only in computers. But now it is everywhere – be it your phone, smart watch, cars, house-hold equipments, healthcare - list is endless in this digital era of life. Most of the devices we use today has micro-processors inside, driven by softwares of various magnitudes. Software is everywhere, so as software developers and companies. Chizels stand out different in terms of our technical competency, experience and exposure to diverse tools and technologies. At Chizels, we strive our best to architect the best in class software solutions targeted to precisely solve the business problems while adaptable to evolve with mercurial customer requirements. Technology and tools we use encapsulate the present and future and will be the best suited ones to cater the future, rather than adapting the solution to some specific tools or technologies. We always work closely with our customer right from inception through deployment and support perfectly in an agile manner to ensure the right solution is delivered on time. The products or services delivered by Chizels guarantee that the solution benefit the customer to the best in terms of all relevant business and technological attributes.

Who we are?

Team of highly motivated and passionate techies and business experts orchestrate and spearhead the functions of Chizels. Promoters bring in decades of experience in providing software solutions, right from inception through deployment and support, across diverse business verticals. Team is passionate of embracing the ever changing technologies and tools but always value proven and powerful technologies irrespective of its age. The rationale to choose between and go with old or new technologies while architecting a solution hinges purely on the best fit reasoning intending to deliver the best product to the customer on a long term perspective.

about us